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CBC’s Airs: Ask An EV Expert

This was a pretty good and length segment that addresses many of the questions people have about the EV ownership experience. It has a few Ontario focused responses, but is well worth a watch....

EV Incentives are here!

EV Incentives are here!

Update: We now have a single page to consolidate Federal/Provincial/Municipal EV related incentive programs. Starting May 1 2019, the Government of Canada is offering purchase and lease incentives for eligible EV/PHEVs. The particulars are a little... well......

MCCAC Electric Vehicle Program

MCCAC Electric Vehicle Program

Municipalities now have access to funding through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) to introduce electric vehicles to municipal fleets. Alberta communities can save energy, costs and reduce emissions with the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities (EVM) program. Rebates are available for feasibility studies, charging stations and electric vehicles.

2018 EV Sales Numbers

Electric Mobility Canada published data for 2018. EV sales grew 125% and accounted for 2.2% of all passenger vehicle sales.

Non-Profit Announcement

EVAA was the brainchild of one forward-thinking individual back in 2014. He knew EVs were the future, but also knew it wouldn't be an easy road ahead, especially here in Alberta. Thus, a Facebook group was born. Through much hard work, EVAA gained physical form,...

Peaks to Prairies Charging Corridor

EVAA was proud to be a part of the official launch of the Peaks to Prairies EV charging corridor project today in Lethbridge. Over 100 dignitaries and interested parties gathered at Lethbridge College. Various communities in southern Alberta have committed over...