EV Reviews

GM EV1’s Owners Manual

This is a fascinating look at a bit of history, the first fully electric vehicle of the modern era.

“As an owner of the EV1, you will be among the first to experience life without oil changes or smog checks.
You will no longer need a tune up.
And you won’t ever hear a mechanic say, “sounds like you could use a new muffler.
You have so much to forget.” – Intro from the manual


CGP Grey undertakes a unique roadtrip in a Model X

CGP Grey is a Youtube personality who typically makes videos explaining why/how things happen. He is not a Tesla Youtuber. He actually doesn’t typically drive (after a bad accident years ago, he avoids driving). He needed to cross the USA and was offered a Tesla Model X. This lengthy video proves to be rather enjoyable, while it captures his first ever experience with driving an electric vehicle.