EV Incentives

EV and related incentives are ever changing. Here is what we know about. If we have missed anything, or if details have changed, please comment below and we will update as necessary.

Federal EV Incentive:

In 2019, the Federal Government launched an incentive program for eligible EV/PHEVs. As the list of vehicles is constantly changing, please visit Transport Canada’s page for the most up to date information.
The ‘short’ take is this:
Vehicles with 6 or fewer seats, and a starting price under $45,000, with models up to $55,000 (MSRP) will be eligible. And for 7+ seat vehicles, the starting price threshold is increased to $55,000, so long as the vehicle maxes out at $60,000.
Larger battery vehicles will receive an incentive of $5,000, while those with smaller batteries will receive $2,500.
Dealers will reduce the vehicle by the incentive price – you, the consumer, will have no additional paperwork and will receive the savings immediately.

Provincial EV Incentive:

There is no provincial incentives for individuals at this time. If you want that to change (as we do), please contact your local MLA.

Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program

Alberta Municipalities do have funding available for EV/PHEV and charger installations (oh and electric Zamboni’s to boot!). Details can be found over at mccac.ca.

Municipality Specific Incentives

Edmonton offers rebates for EV chargers for both individuals and businesses until May 31, 2021. Details available at Edmonton.ca/electricvehicles.