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EV Incentives are here!

Starting May 1 2019, the Government of Canada is offering purchase and lease incentives for eligible EV/PHEVs. The particulars are a little... well... particular: Vehicles with 6 or fewer seats, and a starting price under $45,000, with models up to $55,000 (MSRP) will...

GM EV1’s Owners Manual

This is a fascinating look at a bit of history, the first fully electric vehicle of the modern era. "As an owner of the EV1, you will be among the first to experience life without oil changes or smog checks. You will no longer need a tune up. And you won't ever hear a...

VW begins pre-orders of its ID.3 EV

The Verge has a brief write up about VW's forthcoming EV. Only entry level specs have been revealed - ~$45k CAD with 330km using a 45kWh battery, although larger batteries have also been announced, allowing 420km and 550km (we believe those are based on the more...

Canada EV Incentive CO2 Reduction Estimation

With the federal EV incentive now in effect, we thought it would be interesting to run some quick numbers to see what sort of environmental benefit it may have:             One issue we acknowledge with the above is that the calculations...

Alberta’s Grid Has Capacity To Charge EVs (With Math)

Here is some math that shows that the Alberta grid should have the capacity to charge the vast majority of cars currently on the road.           Data gathered May 2nd 3:30pm 2019 Of course, the grid won't have to charge a million EVs tomorrow,...

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